Wednesday, December 23, 2015

I'll be home* for Christmas (*wherever that is)

My five weeks in Truth or Consequences was satisfying, as it usually is. I lived happily in three homes this time, and found a near-perfect balance between solitude and pleasant company. Betty says T or C is my second home, and I suppose that feels true.

Whoa there, cowboy. Didn't you see the hydrant?

One of these guys had a hearty breakfast at Maria's.

I was able to meet up with a couple of RVing friends this time. David, who runs the Facebook groups Staying Warm for RVers and Prius Camping, blew through town and we met up to compare strategies. 

He uses some techniques that I haven't tried and might, and some that I haven't tried and won't. He has fashioned an actual kitchen which is clever and functional (Yeti cooler, induction "hot"plate, and a small pressure cooker). I admired this set-up, and then asked myself, "If you don't cook in a house with running water, gas stovetop and dishwasher, do you think you'll cook in the front seat of Spud?" I replied sheepishly, and so that's an innovation for another (life)time.

David is very enthused with his life in his Prius, and that revived some of my old enthusiasm for Spud-living. I lost a lot of that mojo in August's microburst, and I can feel it returning.

Later that day, I met up with PleinGuy (David), whose art is available here. We enjoyed dinner at BellaLuca, where I learned he has lived in unconventional and fascinating ways. He generously gave me a giclée of one of his paintings, which couldn't be more perfect for my cabin. Also, it has allowed me to say "giclée" a few times.

"Stone Broke" by D.E. Johnson, 1999

Lots of you revel in the season's merriment, and lots of you hunker down until it's over. I guess I've done my share of both lately. If you're a hunkerer, relax knowing it's almost done! And if you're a reveler, it's almost here!

Solstice sundown over New Mexico

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judilyn said...

Love BellaLuca! It feels so homey, but with such elegant food!

Virtual hugs,


Good Luck Duck said...

Judie, I'm pretty crazy about their pizzas.

Demenshea said...

I miss yer face and TorC! Gotta make it down in January, a repeat of last year. You gonna be around anywhere??

The Odd Essay said...

I had to laugh at your comments on cooking... sort of like "Dr, can I play the piano after surgery" kind of humor ;-) Whatever you do about Christmas, I hope you do it with joy.

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

I finally broke down and got a little stove. but only so I cold make coffee on cold mornings. That's cooking, right? Damn this cold weather!!!

Barbara Lane said...

I'm hunkered in. Don't plan on leaving my nest until Monday morning when I'm forced to. Merry Christmas. I wish you abundance and all good things in the New Year. LOVE your blog!

Barbara Lane said...

I'm hunkered in. Don't plan on leaving my nest until Monday morning when I'm forced to. Merry Christmas. I wish you abundance and all good things in the New Year. LOVE your blog!

Pam said...

We passed that same guy on that same horse today near Maria's. I said I wished I had my camera handy to take a picture. Great shot!

Stay warm and have a wonderful holiday!

Jodee Gravel said...

Spectacular skies, thanks for sharing :-) May all your miles be safe and full of adventure in the coming year, and may your holiday be warm and cozy.

Good Luck Duck said...

Thank you, Jodee, and the same to you!

Pam, I also often see a cute RV parked in front of Maria's ... I wonder if the horse is in there.

Thank you, Barbara! Hunker well, and be cozy!

That's where I'm at, Cyndi. If it's too windy for my stove, it's important to find McDonald's.

Exactly, Sharon! "Doctor, Doctor, will I be able to cook?"

Hey Donna! I will, in fact, be back in town in January!

Barbara D said...

I'm hunkered down and enjoying Christmas at the same time. I'll miss the wonderful smells of the turkey roasting in the oven, and all the delicious food, but I'll still be able to visit with family through phone calls tomorrow. I hope you have a blessed Christmas and happy 2016, Roxi! :)

Geri Moore-Hajek said...

Chuck and I are hunkered in! Didn't go south to see the kids! We just enjoy being here and being together! We have a small wooden tree in our RV, but the lights won't work this year, so we just pretend! Lol! Have a happy, happy and a merry merry CHRISTmas!

Good Luck Duck said...

I'm glad you can do both, Barbara! I wish the same good things for you, too.

Aren't all trees wooden, Geri? :OD Merry Christmas.

Al Christensen said...

Stay warm!

Good Luck Duck said...

Easily said, easily done. Thanks Al! I'm in TorC right now, and got here ahead of the storm.

JO said...

Good to know you beat that nasty storm and are warm and cozy. Hope you enjoyed the holiday.

I also think that picture will look fantastic in the cabin.