Monday, February 15, 2016

Pack extra underwear when leaving home. And other good advice. (Truth or Consequences, NM)

I left the cabin in a hurry on Christmas Day 2015. I always seem to stay gone longer than I expected.

My time in T or C has seemed unusually full and bustle-y. This time, more than any other, I have begun to feel like a local in good ways and better ways.

Because I have been doing more pet-sitting, I've extended my stay here and gotten to know new people. In-between those stays, though, I'm always a bit unsettled and unsure about where I'll stay overnight. If I need a backup plan - and I rarely do - Spud remains foremost an RV, and she does a darn fine job of it, too.

I enjoyed dinner and word games with some old and new friends last night. One of the new ones asked if I had a long-term plan, or if I just sleep around. Martye, consider that line stolen.

You did see a puddy tat: Sylvester

I started with one good friend in Truth or Consequences, and now I have armloads. It seems easy to meet good people here; at least that's my experience.


One of those good friends offered me her space while she was away. So, naturally, in the spirit of friendship and reciprocity, I was happy to break her front-door lock. Somehow, she let me stay another night.

"The water YOU gave me was too fresh."

Martye, a new friend, has also offered me space while I'm waiting for the next dog-sitting job to start on Thursday. So, they flipped a coin for me. Girls, girls! No need to fight - there's plenty of sorn to go around!

This unusual (anywhere else) offering and accepting of hospitality seems common here. This is a town like no other I've experienced, and it attracts its own. 

On the first weekend of March, I'll attend my first-ever silent retreat in beautiful Monticello, NM. I have often thought that there should be a place to stay in that tiny "ghost" town, never knowing that there is! Also, I have long wanted to attend a silent retreat, and have often pictured myself silenting. My wishes are someone's commands.

That should leave a week to retreat to my own silent retreat on the mountain, and I plan for the weather to be good then. I'll be glad to see my Datil friends, old and new.

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Cheerio Smith said...

I can't wait to hear all about your silent retreat. I hope you and silence get along grandly!!!!

judilyn said...

Loved my visit to T or C in 2010 - too early to partake of friends who have since migrated there. Definitely want to return for more picture taking time.

Virtual hugs,


The Odd Essay said...

Your pet-sitting is a great reason to head for T or C.... so... did 1 extra pair of knickers get you by? Nice pics of the pets!

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

I've been telling people I sleep around for years. That and, "Whoever will have me."

I thought I'd be at least heading for TorC, by now. Alas, it is not to be. I'm stuck in Vegas with doctor stuff until god knows when. Wahhhhh!!!!

Jodee Gravel said...

Looking forward to not hearing about your not speaking. Wonderful to find a community of generous souls, I'm sure you fit right in. Enjoy the perfect weather at your little abode :-)

Good Luck Duck said...

Cyndi, what happens in Vegas. Is "being stuck with doctor" like "sleeping around"?

Jodee, I'll be sure not to tell you all about it.

Sharon, one pair of knickers will take me into summer.

It's true, Judie - T or C is prime photographic real estate.

Cheerio, I'm pretty good with silence; we'll see how it goes!

Page said...

I spent my 50th birthday at a 10 day silent meditation retreat. It was life changing, in all the good ways!

Good Luck Duck said...

That sounds wonderful. I know I can't anticipate how that kind of mindful silence will feel.

Evie said...

I loved the kitty pics.

MFH said...

Superb cat pictures. But then, is there any other kind?

Good Luck Duck said...

Superb kitties (are there any other kind?) make superb models.