Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Feeling hot, hot, hot! in Big Bend National Park.

I'm cramming a lot of stuff into this brief wifi oasis, so coherence and wit are out of the question. Please see the teller for a full refund.

Wolfgang Rebesky and Santa Elena Canyon
Kayaking the Rio Grande at Santa Elena Canyon. The water is an illusion, but the portaging makes up for the fun.

Marfa Bunny. He's real.

Prada?  Not even really Marfa, the installation is outside Valentine, Texas.

What? I'm kayaking again??

Santa Elena Canyon, Rio Grande.
Full disclosure: The Rio Grande at this point is mostly extra-suction-y, knee-high clay, with long stretches of pointy rocks. I have actual sole bruises.

Temperatures have been hovering around 105 degrees F, which is not so much a temperature as an IQ. Still, it's a desiccating heat. My traveling companion feels that mid-afternoon is the perfect time to hit the shadeless trails, so I stay under the palms to demonstrate how Americans do things.

That was an unfortunate segue to this picture.

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Cheerio Smith said...

too hot for me but it looks like fun

Joe Barker said...

Except for the heat, looks like fun.

Peter + Beatrix said...

It's been 10 years since we stood at the Santa Elena Canyon marveling over its grandeur. Time to turn back there.

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

Ah! Big Bend! A true wifi-less hotspot.

It gets hot fast there for sure!

Jodee Gravel said...

The river looks deceptively like water in your photos. Being an American location, I'm sure there are no other people there to spoil your fun times.

MFH said...

Hah! Just LOOK at that pig; what a fine figure! Wuz hit jus' amblin' 'long?

heyduke50 said...

yep, love that area but NOT when it reaches above 100... if so being on the water is a must!!!

Good Luck Duck said...

Heyduke, flinging myself repeatedly out of the kayak was more pleasant than I would have expected, given the heat.

Izn't he great, Mike? Yes, he was moseyin' when I got him on "film."

Jodee, there were some hardy youngsters who passed us with gear and lunchstuff. That was about it, and I can't swear that they were Americans.

Heading north to "cool" weather now, Cyndi. Sweating through the night is getting old. Hey, I just described menopause!

Come on back, P&B! I suggest March.

Joe, it's not humid like south Florida, so when they find your remains, they're perfectly preserved.

Cheerio, ditto.

Al Christensen said...

I did the Marfa & Big Bend journey a couple of years ago. Too bad there's so much Texas between the interesting parts.

Nancy1340 said...

I love BB. All three time's I have been there it's been on a motorcycle.

Good Luck Duck said...

Hahaha Al! I tried to take exception, but there was none to take.

Nancy, I imagine that's a lovely trip for a biker.

MFH said...

AAAHHHGGG!! It's been over a week since we've had any nooz! She must be having too much fun and doesn't want to make us jealous. SooOOOOoo considerate....much like a cat.