Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Have a nice trip, see you in the fall.

 Because some mountains are ostentatious, I present the Sangre de Cristos:

Lenticular clouds AND a moon. Whatever, mountains.

A joke you've heard ... Mountains are not just funny, they're hill areas.

Because some cats are ostentatious, I present Sophia:

Sophia is 1/4 of the reason we were in Taos, but a bigger 1/4 than most. For being one quarter, she was more like seven-and-a-half-eighths.

Our friend bought bird-safe collars for her natural-born killers. I'd like to exclaim, "They really work!" I'd like to exclaim that, but the fresh bundles of feathers we found each day exclaimed otherwise.

We get it. Yes, you're very pretty, sunrise.

Kit Carson Road

We were here on Kit Carson because our friend has a show at The Ranch at Taos, and because we spotted coffee.

Caffe Tazza

Taos colors were at their peak for us.

Taos was kind to me. I played with kitties, and read, and gazed out at mountains in all directions. I felt inner conditions gently ease, unknot, and rearrange themselves. I had solitude; I had dear company. 

In my opinion, Taos to T or C in one day is excessive. I felt pretty beaten-up on both ends. But, an overnight also seems excessive if there's an ETA on the line. 

 It was fun to meet Judy, and to see Chris again, back in Truth or Consequences. Judy is from the same tiny village in New York State that I am; in fact, I can picture her house.

Judy and Chris, Elephant Butte, NM. 

But, where's Roxanne? Let's get some selfies!

Oh Judy, everything's fine. 

Judy said, "I think you have ... " CLICK!
"Do you think it's possible there's ..." CLICK!
"I'm pretty sure you've got ..." CLICK!
"Hold up a minute, your ..." CLICK! 

We're back "in town" briefly to care for some pups, and then we end our summer season in TorC and head for Arizona.

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Cyndi and Stumpy said...

You're going to have to blog more frequently and post more amazing pictures. I'll be snowbound in MA, this winter. I'll need to see lots of interesting and fabulous places without snow.

Mark Johnson said...

Southwest Charm :)

Sherry said...

Finally some pictures that look like mine. Oh not the gorgeous mountains, the wonderful window but the Judy and Chris series.

Good Luck Duck said...


Good Luck Duck said...


Good Luck Duck said...

Sherry, I'm pretty proud of that set.

Jodee Gravel said...

At least the mountain is trying, although I'm convinced Sophia finds trying beneath her. Lovely pics of Taos. Warped window frame or artistic window security? You look quite pink with your friends :-)

Good Luck Duck said...

Jodee, Sophia is VERY trying!

Contessa said...

More of those great photos pretty please.

Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Contessa. I'll do my best!

MFH said...

Und zo, how vuz der coffee? Caffe Tazza (dontchya just LUV double consonants?) looks like a nice hangout. And waht about that "Red sky at morning..." ditty? Did it come troo? It was (REALLY) red sky (like yours) last evening and hits rainin' KatzenJammers tuh beat all getout today!

Good Luck Duck said...

It was pretty darn good, actually! The red sky in the morning was a total fake-out, and the weather was lovely all week. I understand that katz in jammers are a good thing, so congrats on that boon!

Jozien Keijzer said...

Hi there, I am a friend of MFH and found you on his blog. Thanks for sharing, beautiful stuff!

Good Luck Duck said...

Hi Jozien! I'm glad you visited!

MFH said...

Yah. Das Katz Puhjammies ist Zehr Gut! Und der ist Jozien!!!! Hallo, Jozien!!!! (Jozien ist Dutch. Very beautiful and almost as stubborn as der Germinz. Maybe eefen more!)