Saturday, December 3, 2016

Tucson, AZ to the New Mexico frontier in 30 days.

Janice and I were invited to care for two sweet doglets, Thelma and Louise, who live in the suburbs of Tucson; we accepted! As cities go, Tucson is a good one. The doglets were good ones, too. Their mom wanted to visit the Himalayas while resting her mind about the pups and her home. This is where Janice and I excel.

Thelma, looking more nervous than was warranted.

I have been in Tucson when I didn't eat at Govinda's, but those times filled me with regret. I was having no remorse this trip.

It was a rare treat to be in the Old Pueblo at the same time as Brenda and Karin. Thanks for making time to break naan with us!

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When the time came to leave town, we picked the most direct route back to Datil. That included breakfast in Mammoth, a town we agreed felt pretty interesting. Bookmark that for later exploration.

El Capitan Pass, AZ

Salt River Canyon was previously only a cautionary tale to me. But, traveling in a small car eliminates a lot of preparation that big-riggers must make. We just jauntily happened upon it.

Salt River Canyon. Photographer is a little terrified.

My lovely assistant, Janice, models the canyon.

The last time I felt such surprise and wonder was my first glimpse of the Grand Canyon. This one is pretty darn grand, too.

By the time we hit Springerville, snow plow operators seemed to know something we didn't. Later, we knew it, too.

Yesterday, I had fun working at the Datil food pantry. Food pantries do an amazing job of feeding people, but it's not easy, and food pantries are usually scrambling to meet expenses. Volunteers who run them are always looking for a way to stretch a dollar.

Now, we're relaxing in the cabin in Datil, discussing and Googling important topics:
  • How are pasta and egg noodles different?
  • What is the mailing address for the geographic center of the contiguous United States?
  • Is "spatchcock" a sexually-transmitted disease?
Between us, we finessed three propane heaters into full functionality, so we're doing well in the winter temperatures. When the Sun isn't hidden, we get extra solar gain. Solar is everything.

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Bob said...

I guess I've been missing in action. Or asleep at the switch. Or something. When did we get a "Janice"? I just might have to start hitting that "older post" thingy. *sigh*

Good Luck Duck said...

Ha Bob!Which name was current when you last tuned in? :)

Anonymous said...

We have been through the Salt River Canyon just once -- with the semi bobtail. Holy crap -- no way am I going to suggest that with the 5th wheel attached. Beautiful though, even while terrifying. To get your thrills a little farther afield, try coming down from Flaming Gorge to Vernal, Utah. 10 (there's signs counting them down for you) switchbacks down 8-10% grades. Woo hoo!


Kate said... I want naan.

our awesome travels said...

You back in Datil but not crazy about the Snow stuff, keep warm.

Barbara D said...

So nice to have a home base with three propane heaters - and a Janice! :)

Jodee Gravel said...

Handsome turtles to go with your doglet - how fun! Salt Canyon is beautiful and majestic and not at all scary from my chair. I've never heard of it but may have to go find it when we're in AZ next year. Glad you're staying cozy.

MFH said...

What a find!!! Can't wait for Spring!! Thanks! In ABQ throo the 12th. Treat you both if yer over this way.

Carolyn said...

Is "visit the Himalayas" code for something? Who would actually do that in November?

Allison said...

We went through the canyon in a Class A towing a pickup truck with a kinked fluid line in the power steering (unknown to us at the time). It's a beautiful drive, but I have to say we were surprised by some of the grades and switchbacks.

Contessa said...

Thanks for the update, I know, later to comment but have been dealing with a sick dog. Good excuse I think.

Meanwhile Merry Christmas and all the best to you both in 2017. Looking forward to reading about many new and wonderful adventures.

Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Contessa! Happy 2017 to you two, too.