Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Nothing to say, and all day to say it. (Florida to Albuquerque)

I spent two weeks in Florida; improbably I managed to take not one photograph. My mom asked me to come out to help with a health issue, but within a week she had already resolved it. That left me pretty free to socialize with new friends, old friends, "new" relatives, and long-lost family.

This is not family. It's just a cleverly-positioned photo.
[Bo and Danny]

Have you done any of the DNA testing available? I just did 23andMe. I like genealogy, and this has given me more hours of fun than a Slinky. The service provides levels of privacy (I chose None: My Life is an Open Blog), and you can contact people who share DNA with you. Not like Craigslist - this is wholesome fun, buddy.

A new cousin threw her husband and three kids in the van and drove for three hours to meet us. She was adopted, and we were the first genetic relatives she had met. It was lovely and poignant.

Chica and her tongue.

People drove for hours to see me. That gets me in the feels. I was painfully social for a solid week, but each meeting was so rich that it was worth this introvert's discomfort.

I spent my birthday at the edge of the continent with my best friend from high school, Tammy. We have the rare friendship that picks up where we leave it off. 

This is not me at the beach.
[Rio Grande rafters in Truth or Consequences.]

I still travel lately, but at the end of the trip I sleep inside. Today I'm in Albuquerque, in a house with seven remotes next to the TV. Thank goodness I have internet. Tomorrow I'll be in TorC with a book.

Elephant Butte Lake from the other side. No, the other side.

Water levels in Elephant Butte are 14 feet higher than this time last year. These two shots are not comparative - they were taken the same evening.

Truth or Consequences is a snowbird destination, so by June things are pretty quiet. The bookstore, which serves as a social hub, is closed for four months. Friends have left for their northern homes (mostly Minnesota). The odd traveler is from Wisconsin, and I miss her.

Q: Why did this guy have to move along?
A: He was parked in a toad-away zone.

New friends Luanne, Lisa, and Sandy met me for lunch to talk about their RVing launch plans. I see from Facebook that Luanne finally got beyond the Florida state line! It doesn't matter which state it is, your hometown exerts gravitational pull that can keep you immobile for a lifetime.

Mew West.
My cousin, Joe, and I figured out we last saw each other 50 years ago. We hadn't changed a bit.

There is nothing to report about travel, love, or finances. Still, there's a fecundity of mind and spirit, I hope. I'm gestating great things, and not just that botfly larva under my hat.

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Shadowmoss said...

Good to read you again. I miss you when you don't blog.

Good Luck Duck said...

That's sweet of you to say. I kinda miss me when I don't blog, too.

GiGi said...

Sounds soulful. I miss you Roxi. I need to learn to drive that big RV at my disposal and come see you

Good Luck Duck said...

Of course! But, you can always drive your car and stay at the apartment! Not as much fun as sleeping in an RV, for sure, but always an option.

Jodee Gravel said...

There you are! You've been busy growing family and covering miles - glad to see a post. Love the seven remotes :-)))) I haven't changed in 50 years either, and then I open my eyes.

our awesome travels said...

Glad to here from you again, was wonderin where you at.

Good Luck Duck said...

Jodee, it's what we see when our eyes are closed that matters most.

Thanks, George! Here I am.

Ken Pratt said...

Did the 23&me long time ago, now have Ancestry in progress awaiting results. I have built a couple of family trees using Ancestry and still find things almost daily.

Sherry said...

Nice pitch for 23andme. I've thought a lot about it and ancestry. Not sure I have time just now for all the time I'd want to spend. Florida in June - hotter than T&C or just more humid?? Love your wit! Wish I had some.

Mark Johnson said...

Your ALIVE!!!
Box Canyon Mark :)

Good Luck Duck said...

It's captivating, isn't it Ken? I do stay away from it for stretches, but when I'm back in, I'm really in. What would you say are the advantages to Ancestry tests?

Sherry, if you didn't want to take the time to research, just the initial information is fascinating. You and Annie might finally prove your relatedness! :o) And wit? You're half right.

Thanks for noticing, Mark!

Good Luck Duck said...

Sherry, about heat: Florida felt much more oppressive, humidity-wise.

Rojo said...

Not much of a Florida fan. When I lived in Port ST. Luci there were mosquitoes big enough to stand flat foot and make love to a turkey....Have a good ole New Mexico Green chili cheeseburger for me OK?

Al Christensen said...

"...your hometown exerts gravitational pull that can keep you immobile for a lifetime." True for many people, but not me. I think I'm innately rootless, which is why the nomadic life fits me so well. I just don't get it when fellow nomads talk about settling in somewhere. I'm going to lose a traveling companion to his homesteading urge.

I did the 23andMe thing even though my family genealogy is heavily documented. I was hoping some scandalous DNA had slipped into centuries of boring Anglo-Nordic lineage. (Nope.) Or maybe it would reveal a recessive link to a wandering hunter-gatherer culture. After all, I can point to the people on my family tree who were sufficiently dissatisfied with their hometown to pack up to America. The trouble is, they bread with settlers—in the "I'll settle for this" sense of the word.

SwankieWheels said...

Nice post. Nicer to see you sounding so happy. I am a genealogy freak as well. Yes, I have done the one DNA test and once in awhile Ancestry.com send me a notice that DNA matches have been made, but I have found no close relatives. Fun anyway. I am hoping eventually I will find matches to a line I can't prove, but believe I know who the next generation back is.

Good Luck Duck said...

Swankie, did you learn anything in your heritage that surprised you? There were no big shocks for me, but I was able to connect with a few relatives and expand my tree a bit. Also, I have become interested in a line that has no documentation because it involved a scandal. As I find, or don't, genetic relatives from the other side of that fork, it will confirm or deny our suspicions.

Al, nicely written. I can't tell yet if I'm truly a rooted individual, or if this is part of my spectrum. I also didn't find any real surprises in my DNA, and like you, found a lot of British Islanders, with a few marauding Vikings for (no) color.

Red, I sneak green chiles into any food that will tolerate them.

Jenny Johnson said...

May I borrow your photo of the frog? It is my sisters birthday tomorrow and she loves frogs -- I would love to give her a copy --- Thanks in advance---always read your blog but never comment

Cindy said...

Read in your blog that "there is nothing to report about travel, love, finances". Does this mean there is no longer a Janice? Like Jenny above, I'm a long time reader of your blog but never comment.

Good Luck Duck said...

Hi Cindy. Well, of course, Janice still exists. I'm very happy that we're friends, we're just not girlfriends anymore. C'est la vie, and a rueful shrug.

Good Luck Duck said...

Jenny, thanks for emailing me. I'm assuming you got the pic?

MFH said...

Great cat pictures!! I sent the link to Double El.
And don't forget the organophosphorus.

Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks Mike! Hello to LL.