Saturday, December 9, 2017

Not even phoning it in.

A friend told me I was being lazy with my blog, and so here is a lackluster presentation of some mediocre photos. I hope you blandly tolerate this entry.

It's a turtle, notice?
Turtleback Mountain

It's a good time of the day to show you The Turtle. If you're seeing An Armadillo, turn around.

Rio Grande with Turtleback in the background
This is the time of year that the small dirt dam is rebuilt across the river. Keeping water behind it maintains the pressure needed for hot springs to flow in the free-flowing tubs downtown.

Looking generally northward toward Truth or Consequences
If you want to be mistaken for a local, you must never say "Truth or Consequences" in Truth or Consequences. It is always "T or C."

It must also be the time of year when people sit on the new dirt dam.

Along with very reduced flow from Elephant Butte Lake, this little dam creates a low-water vehicle crossing just a bit downstream (not shown). 

A Very Good Dog

Long-time friends in Albuquerque.



Cat people, this is the best catitat ... habicat ... catio I've ever seen.

Home Dairy Alley

I went back to Ithaca, after a six-year absence, to meet my new grandchildren. I wanted to tour the new Ithaca Commons, with some old landmarks. Home Dairy was in business in 1979 when I first arrived in Ithaca, and is no more.  Ironically, when the Home Dairy was there, this historic landmark was not. This is the sort of thing that keeps me confused.

It's just a wall.
Notice the dates still on the photos? Lazy.

There was snow for my visit in November, which is just on the friendly side of unforgivable. At this charming moment, my son said, "Nina, that's where the dogs [do stuff]."

What cat?

Didn't take this picture. Lazy.

If there's a time of the year that can fool me into thinking I'm doing life wrong, it's this one. We've come to an agreement this year, Dark Solstice and I, that we treat one another gently. Treat one another gently, too.

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Steve said...

When ever I see you are in TorC, I'm reminded of that very hot Sunday morning in May years ago, blowing the engine to my 1967 VW bus, just bought in Tucson and headed for 'the tropics'. 9 miles north of town, no cell service and waving down a wrecker making multiple trips for others like me on I-25. He probably made a million dollars that day. Ha ... I love that area, thanks for taking the time to post the photos.

Good Luck Duck said...

Steve, I'm pleased and proud to be so bound up with that rosy memory. You are one of the few who did NOT settle in TorC after an engine failure on 25.

Barb said...

I don't think you're lazy with your blog at all. I enjoy reading it and going over your photos, which are always interesting. Seldom do I scan through your posts quickly.

You don't post often, well, neither do I lately, but it's your choice. I find it's hard sometimes to come up with new things to post about since I seem to be in the same places from year to year. Whenever I see something new, I always think "that's bloggable!"

PS - as a probable future TorC'ite, thanks for the tip. I usually use the whole name and it's a mouthful.

Jodee Gravel said...

A very entertaining post - for a lazy blogger! Doggie is adorable, and kitties have a sweet outdoor space. LOL at sliding in the snow, THERE! Tis the time of year we're supposed to slow down, in spite of the commercial hype, so you're really doing it right.

Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks Barb. Yeah, that's the thing for me - what do I have that's bloggable? Sometimes there's an interesting tidbit. And, yes. Give your vocal cords a break with "TorC."

I like the way you look at things, Jodee. Thanks for that positive spin on lethargy!

Gaelyn said...

Always nice when you get unlazy.

Good Luck Duck said...

Gaelyn, if you mean this post, you're too kind. MUCH too kind.

MFH said...

Treats?!!! Did someone mention treats? Next thing yuh no it'll be Allallow's Eve again and we can make the Kiddies sing Cat Odor Reveiw for their treats.

Here's hopin' the Solstice finds you aswail in meade with an extra large pizza and all the garnishings of yer choice. And maybe some herring-in-wine-sauce to wash it down. Yippa Hoopie and tie-yie-yippie all daaaaayyyyyy!!!!!! XXX!! (As Thurber closed: "Hugs & Kisses")

Good Luck Duck said...

Mike, I honestly had no idea there were additional renderings of "Cat Odor Review." Covers, if you will.

MFH said...

OMG!!! Cats of the world arise & take umbrage. There has NEVER, NEVER do you hear??? been a mediocre picture of a CAT!!!! Happy Holondaiz!!! (Or maybe French, Italian or even Oil & Vinegar.)

Pam said...

I've been guilty of being lazy with my blog also this year because I went back to working full time. I just wrote a few posts, then decided to read someone else's, that someone being you. Having not read anyone else's blog in almost a year now I thank you for being lazy so I could catch up so quickly!