Thursday, April 26, 2018

Noisy River: Ruidoso, New Mexico

My wheels were almost irreparably square, so I got on the road with an old friend and traveling companion. We met at Oliver Lee Memorial State Park*, outside Alamogordo, NM.

*No need to scroll. I just wanted to tell you the dump station is closed for repairs as of 4/26/2018.

Ruidoso is really into its chainsaw bears, so much so that I thought the name must be Ruid Oso. From Tularosa, you will crest Apache Summit at around 7600', then descend a bit into the gentrified village.

Even with the cooler-than-usual temperatures in southern New Mexico, it was a pleasure to rise into the tall pines and deciduous trees. 

The prime shopping season doesn't begin for a few days, saving me several dollars.

I hope you will not be shocked that I did not pop to photograph the wooden colonel. He was not a real husker, and I felt he was silking the public. 

Neither did I "Pay Here."

This was my first time in Ruidoso. I did not bike here.

Some gates for your tail.

This is not an official blog post.

I can hardly bear to end this post. Ursa kind to have read this far. Oso kind. I hope I didn't bruin your day.

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Barb said...

Funny! Your mind works in mysterious ways!! I've never been there, but it looks like a cool little town. Great shots, thanks.

Gaelyn said...

Good to know you get out once in a while.

Barney, The Old Fat Man said...

No it was not me that stopped up the dump station when I pulled out of Oliver Lee on 4-10.

Steve said...

Thanks for the nice pictures of Ruidoso.

Jodee Gravel said...

Oso so silly :-))) Love the gates of tail - more so since you've pointed out what should have been obvious to me. It's such a cute little town and you captured so much of what makes it a fun destination. Glad you found a friend with round tires to get you there!

Olivia Sanchez said...

We went to the Pine's Way cabin at Noisy Water Lodge last year. It is a great place but there are dog hair everywhere. The worst thing is we have to buy fireword from owners. But Ruidoso is a great place to visit with many rustic cabins to stay.

Good Luck Duck said...

Barb, it must also be a prime hot-weather place to visit!

Ha! Thanks, Gaelyn - it's good to GET out once in a while.

Barney: Tell it to the judge.

My pleasure, Steve.

Thanks, Jodee! I appreciate the appreciation.

Olivia, it seems like the hosts could have arranged that in a different way! Like, "Enjoy pets without the hassle of feeding! Get exercise by fetching your own wood! [bring cash]"