Monday, September 3, 2018

... to Lake: Fenton Lake State Park, New Mexico

It's my deeply-held belief that A Warning is Bad Advice (AWIBA). So, let me just tell you things you may want to know ... or not.

Some people (and road signs) may advise you not to approach Fenton Lake State Park from the north on 126 (Cuba, NM). You may decide to heed this advice. Or not - really, everything is fine. You know there's a happy ending because I'm writing this. Seriously, this is a beautiful and thrilling trip, and I'm glad I did it. 

Once you're in Fenton Lake State Park, no matter how you got here, it's a beautiful destination. Abutting Santa Fe National Forest, there are opportunities for mostly-level hiking at around 8000'. We heedlessly headed there just before Labor Day weekend, and managed to get one of the more level spots.

Two bees (or not two bees?)

Some things you may not see because you have chosen another route into the park:

Cows never warn.

Somehow, carrying a hiking stick makes it easier for me to cover ground.  

Bears "may" be dangerous!

Valles Caldera

Today's post is bracketed by not-warnings. YOU MAY WISH to enter Los Alamos, NM, from the north if you are driving an RV. My friend (driving an RV) was told that NO RVs are permitted past the southern checkpoint, coming in from the Jemez Mountains. Even before you are refused entry, you may or may not wish to enter at a shallower grade. Take this all for what it's worth.

Keep having fun!

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Bill said...

That's one secure gate.

Contessa said...

Enjoy the rest of your stay. It looks lovely.

VtChris said...

A number of years ago I made the mistake of entering from the southern side, in my RV, in a horrendous thunderstorm. I will never forget that steep narrow winding road...white knuckles until the top. Yikes.

Anonymous said...

We spent lots of time in the Fenton Lake area in our younger years & when we lived in NM. Beautiful lake, beautiful drive. Some interesting unpaved roads -- Christmas tree cutting & hot springs outside La Cueva. Bandelier Nat'l Monument & Frijoles Canyon outside Los Alamos is spectacular.

Renee (Datil/North Ranch)

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

That is some serious loks:))

Jodee Gravel said...

We may heed warnings in our travels. Usually. Love that caldera shot!!!