Saturday, October 13, 2018

That's a wrap - New Mexico summer

Hat tip to Evelyn and Donna, two of my in-person RVing pals who joined us for dinner at Cochiti Lake. Evelyn describes the dinner as "Yum yum!" which is all you need to read to know I wasn't cooking.

After four days of parking lot resorts in Bernalillo, my nerves were frayed. How a city can change so much from one exit to the next baffles me. When we finally set out for Tijeras, I created such traffic chaos I'm still looking over my shoulder for Albuquerque's Finest. Finally seeing my chance to get off I-40 ("Hell"), I took Exit 333 and accidentally experienced The Singing Road on Route 66. 

In Tijeras ("scissors"), NM, I met up with Barb. She's an old friend from back when I was also gainfully employed. We had brunch at Roots Farm Cafe - loved it!

Next stop: Madrid, NM. They say "MAD rid."

The main attraction is a tightly-clustered quarter-mile or so of brightly colored shops and interesting art on Route 14. Turquoise is a big draw on the Turquoise Trail, says Captain Obvious.

He has the right-of-way.

Between Madrid and the state park is a summer Sufi retreat. I was intrigued. 

Abo Ruins

If you find yourself passing through on 60, Abo is the easiest and most convenient ruins to visit quickly. West of Mountainair, NM. 

Kiva. The ventilation hole (left) is always on the east side. Don't say I never taught you anything.

Abo Ruins

We stayed at Manzano Mountains State Park, which is nicely located for seeing all three 17th century ruins. Also a very pleasant park, if you're looking for trees and a little elevation.

Gran Quivira. Ranger Pilgrim was a great host.

Quarai Ruins.

Quarai Ruins were my favorite, just because of the feel. 

We wrapped up this phase of a relationship. If you believe relationships end, then that's what this one did. I think we all just disentangle and loosen the knot, and alter the nature of the thing. Interesting and fun five summers!

Wolfgang Rebesky

I'm back in TorC, and back at "work" this week with four big, nice dogs. It's good to be here.

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Jodee Gravel said...

I love the feel of Madrid and had no idea about the ruins around same!! Thanks for sharing great pics of these surprises!! People pass through our lives, wrap and unwrap, and move on. They add color to the tapestry of our story. Enjoy your big pups!

Roxanne said...

They do! Once we start to accept the ebb and flow and fluidity of life, we're old. :o)

Evie said...

I wasn't cooking either. Love meeting up with you along the way . Weaving in and out of each others lives.

Roxanne said...

I like that, too, Evie.

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

Ive so enjoyed your travels in spud.
I can't wait to get back to NM. Thanks for the refresher tour and making me miss it even more

Roxanne said...

There's definitely something about this place. Thanks.

MFH said...

Yah! Vee neffer accept nutink...Vee dictate! Zat ist how Vee schtay yoong!

Roxanne said...

Ha! You crazy Germans!