Monday, November 19, 2018

Imagine, if you will ... Tucson, AZ

Based only on my cousin's casual invitation, I scurried west to spend a few days in Tucson.

I made a quick stop in Steins (say STEENS), NM. I didn't know anything about its tragic recent past, and now the clever things I meant to say about the "town" don't sound so clever. Peace to the family.

The Thing is still where you left it, only now it's a Very Big Deal. AZCentral says 'The Thing is now stranger,' but if you saw the whole old display, you might disagree. It's just different. $5.31 gets you all-day access to the display in its very new, very very facility.

My heart warms with every first saguaro. Last time through, I marked it in Davidson Canyon on I-10, heading west.

My cousin suggested a horseback trail ride. After I stopped laughing, I countered with a drive through Saguaro National Park, East. I know I'm preaching to the choir, but the Sonoran desert is the best desert.

We estimated 30 feet, but the ranger told us they were actually "arms."
An armada of bikers started out as we did. I was touched by their gratitude that this park has been preserved.



This big boy is in the city, looking bewildered. Craycroft and Golf Links, for you fellow crested hunters.

We caught a segment on AZPBS about art lining eight (8) miles of corridors in the Tucson Medical Center, and the next day we were off to see a half-mile of it. I think you could go into any entrance and start looking. Wear track shoes.

I was careless and lazy, and so I can't attribute to the artists. None of them were me. 

We sat in a courtyard and drank iced tea.

Lots of good food in Tucson, and I ate most of it.

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Evie said...

I love Tucson. Gilbert Ray is my favorite campground. Right in the heart of the Saguaro Park South. Love your pictures and sense of humor.

Roxanne said...

Thanks Evie! I love that side of town, too.

Allison said...

Where is that courtyard please? I would like to sit there, as well. Your photographs are wonderful.

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

Your photos are fabulous, as always, Rox. I'm hanging in Q for a few days

Roxanne said...

OMG! You're not in New England?? Awesome!

Roxanne said...

Allison, the courtyard is at Tucson Medical Center. There are several in the complex.

MFH said...

The one of the umbrellas is soopeeerrrb!

Nice post!