Friday, April 26, 2019

Looking good, ladies!

It was a delight to meet up with Nicole and Darlene, the vegetarian bean aficionados responsible for the adventures of Where the Wind Goes.* They were also responsible for a lot of encouragement way back when we were starting out on the road, plus getting us powered up.

I asked them about the most outrageous thing they had experienced on the road; they just looked at each other, puzzled. "Nothing outrageous really happens!" They asked me about outrage, but I couldn't come up with much, either. Take that for what it's worth (here's what it's worth): the nomadic life is not as uproarious as you might be imagining. OR (I lean toward this moral), it is as outrageous as you keep expecting it to be. 
Check out their blog - they keep it light. They're undisturbed by things like their van ("Annie") not starting. 'I guess we should have lunch, then!' There's a real element for them of relaxing into life that I love.

Let's do this again before another eight years passes, girls. I'm not going to keep these porcelain good looks forever.

*pats own back for getting "bean" and "wind" into the same sentence

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Suzanne said...

Oh, how fun to see a photo of those two again! Thanks for posting that, Roxie. How is it possible that it was eight years ago that I showed up to my first RV event as a wannabe with nothing more than a tent? With a rip in it, no less! Fun times, indeed!

Jodee Gravel said...

Sound like a couple of fun peeps!!