Sunday, May 12, 2019

Bears Ears National Monument, Utah - Bluff edition

I understand there is great controversy over this monument. I'm just here to show you pictures.

I'm sitting at the Bluff Public Library, which most generously leaves its wifi on. It's open twelve hours a week, and this largesse fills in some gaps.

The Bears Ears Education Center stands in support of the National Monument. I stand in support of their kindness, their offer of water, their passion, and free wifi. Also, of  the Monument.

Don't look for an apostrophe in Bears Ears. I know, but just go with it.

Fancypants Mountain

I took off to tour Valley of the Gods, and to discover new lands and new civilizations. Really, to notice campsites I could enjoy at a later time. I had to thumb-war a young dad for a prime spot, but then his 4-year-old, Sophia, jumped me and I surrendered.

I'm hesitant to darn with faint praise by posting my photos of the Valley. Everyone was there - I waved but you didn't see me.

My traveling companion says these are spadefoot. I guess that makes them TOADpoles.

This spring/river is at the southern mouth of the Valley of the Gods route.

The signs warn of wet road impassibility. I'd believe them, but roads here dry out quickly.

I told Mike I was becoming more myself every day. He got alarmed. It's not that scary - it's just me with extra relaxation - like I could ooze out of Spud at any moment.

It's true: if you want to know who a person is, go camping with them. THAT'S ALL I'M SAYING.

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MFH said...

There's nothin' more annoyin' than a tight-beaked Duck. Details?!

Self with extra relaxation?



Contessa said...

Love Fancypants Mountain.

FYI we are off Tuesday for 6 weeks in Europe hence I may not be checking it ~ but I will be posting!

¡Vizcacha! said...

Oooh! Enjoy! I'll check in.

Mike, I spit my toothpaste out wherever I'm standing. I open cans and drink directly from them. I say what I am thinking through a leaky filter. Sometimes I even go to bed in my day-clothes.

Bill said...

The photos speak to why the controversy is so great, led by the moron-in-chief.

Roxanne said...

I hate to add to the controversy, Bill, but yeah ... We won't get these places back.