Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Cibola National Forest (New Mexico) and Canyon De Chelly, Arizona

After accepting an invitation to travel overland-style (expect to see overland to a nauseating degree in upcoming posts), it took me three days and several bags of random items to prepare. It's been a while, and I may have accumulated some extra items from my sparse days in Spud, but apparently overlanding is like riding a bike. Literally. There is no room for anything.

Plus, now that I am not frequenting state parks, I have begun carrying alternative toileting options. I feel like that should be italicized, too.

I was (am) overly pleased with my camping choice near McGaffey, NM: a lovely canyon with a camping spot that Spud was pleased to reach on her second try.

We couldn't find a name for it, but it is across the road from Stinking Spring, so Stinking Spring Canyon it is!

We did make it into Gallup for some overlanding chores, then on to Chinle, AZ.

At a food stop we met Albert Jones, who told us his skeleton story, then joined us at the table and fleshed out the rest. He asked Mike to sing a German song (he obliged), then Albert sang us a Navajo song. His grandfather was a Code Talker, and he told us some of the code. I was utterly unsuccessful in repeating the words Albert tried to teach me, but he was patient while I continued to fail.

Canyon De Chelly:

We've been in Chinle all day, most of it raining. I wondered how the area is so lush, with big trees, but this may explain a lot.

We're at a campground, since there is no wilderness available for camping in this area. It's a good campground - basic, with flush toilets - and I'm not getting cell service of any kind. Is that my low-rent service, or is it because I'm roaming in another country? Anyway, I'm using Thunderbird Inn's wifi (thank you!).

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VtChris said...

So happy that you and spud are on the road your fabulous travel photos and clever discourse.

Barb said...

Stop it! You're making me want to travel again!!! :)

Gorgeous pictures, I'm looking forward to more posts from the road. Have a wonderful time.

Evie said...

I second what Chris said.

Contessa said...

Your photos are wonderful but a few are simply stunning. Carry on.

Jodee Gravel said...

Delighted to have you and Spud back up and running - and even more so that you're blogging again! Incredible vistas above that canyon. I can't imagine figuring out any Navajo words and codes, but it would sure be fun to try :-)

¡Vizcacha! said...

Love you guys - thanks for the encouragement! XO

MFH said...

Twidget Rock!!!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Twidget De Chelly!