Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Going shopping: Bluff, Utah

My body has been back home for a few days, but my heart is in Utah. I've shown you all the natural beauty I could, now I want to warm up your credit card. In my pocket; I'll get it right back to you.

There are at least three shops you should visit. Of course you'll visit K&C Convenience Store. That's where you'll pick up block ice, maybe a pizza and some gummy worms. You'll get free water, toilet, and air outside (I don't mean you'll breathe deeply in the rain and camp there). I'm not even counting that as one of the three.

Cow Canyon Trading Post. Unique jewelry (one of my special loves) and an eclectic book selection (the other). Liza Doran has been making this space work for 32 years. You'll be drawn in by the old Buick photo op; then go on inside. I bought jewelry here.

Cow Canyon Trading Post, Bluff, Utah, Liza Doran

Yanito Baahozhon Gallery (630 Main Street, Bluff). Native American (Navajo) art, family owned and operated. Jewelry, sculptures, paintings. It's a long-standing business, and the first Navajo-owned establishment in Bluff. Sharla Yanito, daughter and niece of two of the artists, was minding the store and charming shoppers. I bought jewelry here.

Yanito Baahozho Gallery, Bluff, Utah

Bluff Art & Curiosity Shoppe. I visited here three (3) times. Original art by Stephanie DeGeorge: plein-air oil, watercolors, and select tchotchkes. The art was so reasonably priced I brought a piece home as a souvenir for my roommate. I bought jewelry here.

I've been on another sort of shopping spree, now that I've experienced what works, and what would work better overlanding in Spud.

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Jodee Gravel said...

There was almost nothing open when we drove through Bluff. Love the gallery and beautiful Native pieces. Will have to keep an eye out for it next time through!

The Good Luck Duck said...

That town is like that. And, to be fair, my eyes were almost not open, either.