Sunday, July 7, 2019

Keeping it real (close to home)

After getting pretty darned excited about backcountry camping, I furnished Spud and immediately began staying in town. I had made commitments to cats and dogs. Still...

It's not that funny, considering.

Amaranth? I don't know - Alaska.

Friends felt pity and took me on a field trip to see beautiful trees.

Animas Creek, home of the famous sycamores.

Not sycamores.

Hungry for a new experience, I sheepishly joined an online dating site. It has been a new experience. And, I've met fascinating people. I'VE SAID ENOUGH.

Yes, Mom, I'm bee-ing careful.

Grapevine Bistro.

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Jodee Gravel said...

Great new profile pic - love the hair! Those trees are stunning and majestic and lots of other big pretty tree words. Enjoy all your new friends!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks for all the pretty tree words, Jodee!

Contessa said...

Lucky cats & dogs.

MFH said...

Beautiful laugh...and lovely cleavage.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks Mike!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Contessa, I don't know if they feel lucky or not, because they're not camping, either.