The Duck

What makes a rig boondocking-ready? It's up to you. You just need to be self-contained.

Some boondockers like to practice extreme conservation to lengthen their stays in the wild. Some enjoy a long, hot shower every day, and the furnace on every night. There are no rules about how to be a boondocker.

There are four factors that, in our opinion, make boondocking the perfect option:
  • being willing to conserve resources
  • using a composting toilet
  • being solar-powered
  • craving solitude
You can absolutely boondock without any of the above amenities or inclinations. We just think they make it much easier and more enjoyable. Even if you prefer bustle to shush, you can find opportunities to dry-camp. Many state parks offer primitive (no hook-up) sites. You can even get away to a nearby Walmart, Home Depot, Cabela's, etc.
The Duck

The toilet
2X135W Kyocera solar panels. [Friends to help you install: not included]
To be continued ...

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