My friend Bruno named Spud. It's not logical, it's just something that made me laugh when there wasn't much that was funny.

If you want to travel in and live out of a car, there are plenty of things to recommend a Toyota Prius.

  1. It has its own efficient generator. Suanne found that her engine ran 4 minutes every half hour when under load.
  2. This allows heating or cooling to happen even if you're asleep. The engine monitors itself, and you're in much less danger of carbon monoxide poisoning than if your engine ran constantly.
  3. It is possible to stretch out and lay flat. You can make your bed from whatever feels good to you.
  4. 50 mpg.
Check out Suanne's thorough description of the outfitting of her Prius; it was my blueprint.

The Habitent adds comfort, pleasure, and privacy to the camping experience.  It stows into a bag that will fit in your glovebox, for those times a tent on your car isn't stealthy enough.

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Tessa said...

Roxi, are you enjoying your habitent? I am so intrigued with the car camping idea as I have a Prius. Of course, I have an RV too, but it does not get 50mpg and there is something sweet and snazzy with being self-sufficient in a very small vehicle that can go anywhere. Spud is a camping wonder! Thanks for sharing!

Good Luck Duck said...

Hi Tessa! Yes, I do like the Habitent a lot, and I've gotten pretty fond of camping in Spud with it. And, I LOVE deciding to go somewhere, then five minutes later, going.

David Swanson said...

Update Roxy: Sold the motor home, picking up the Prius with its 10k lithium batteries next week. The front seat will be removed to make way for a custom teak table/bed extender. All my high tec camping gear is ready to go. I hope it all fits. I'm seriously looking at solar panels for the roof and hood. I could possibly go 15 miles on a day of charging. Happy Prius trails!

David Swanson said...

And my Habitent arrived the other day ahead of the Prius!

Good Luck Duck said...

David, I will be looking for pics! That sounds great. Maybe you'll talk about solar panel rationale. I've thought about it, but at the mileage we get, I wonder if it's worth the capital investment.

Belinda Y. Hughes said...

OK, my eyes are poppin' now. Need more Prius camping pics, both of ya.

MFH said...

OMG!!! Can you believe it....she writes "there are" instead of there is!!

Good Luck Duck said...

Did I do that wrong?? Or unexpectedly right?